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I'm at 2871 on the Arrow Big Bang story and my goal (MY GOAL! do you hear that plot bunnies?) is to be at 4000 by bed time. That means I need to get over to get my hair cut and NOT hang around just casually talking about nothing. That means I better not open Tumblr again in the hopes of being in and out quickly. Or, if I can't get out quick, I better find something that I can count as "research for a story" or it's going to count as a time waster! That means I need to be quick about picking up my "nesting pile" from the living room before my family comes home.

That last 2000 words is from the last two days. While the early credit is all for [ profile] frea_o, this last part is all in thanks to the book I'm reading. Shiver by Karen Robards isn't anything like my story but it's given me some good ideas for what I'm creating so HOORAY!

Perhaps I should cut down on the caffeine a bit, too.

Date: 2013-07-07 09:00 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Hahaha, oh, god, what have I done now? (I remember vaguely talking about a story with you, but I don't think I realized it was a Big Bang. And now I'm freaking excited)


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Yep, it needs to be 10,000 words! That's why I needed, you know, plot! I think there is just enough of a plot that it has a reason for existing but not enough that it'll get weighed down by it. Right now there is talking but I'm hoping to segue into NO SHIRT time very soon! There has to be TALKING because he needs to explain himself because SHE IS PISSED but he's hurt so there should be a "hey, take your shirt off right now so I can see that" soon.


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