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Title: Unexplained
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Samantha, Teyla, Amelia
[ profile] tv_universe Prompt: a picture of multiple planets
Women of SGA comment-a-thon prompt: Sam Carter + Teyla + any women, all the men are incapacitated somehow, and the women run the city perfectly without any male interruption. from [ profile] clwilson2006
Word Count: 223

“Amelia, I need an update.” Samantha Carter stood in front of the large windows that normally filled Atlantis with sunlight at this time of day. Right now, there was no sun in the sky. It was eerie to see nothing but the shadowed planets that didn’t belong.

There was a slight pause on the other side of the radio but she couldn’t blame Amelia. This was something new and much more odd than anything Atlantis had ever been through before. That was saying something.

“All the sensors indicate that the planets are getting closer.”

That wasn’t good news. “Have we heard anything from Teldy and her crew yet? Have they been able to get into position where they can provide us with some readings?”

“Nothing yet.” Amelia paused before asking, “Any news from Jennifer about how the men are?”

Teyla’s voice broke in on the radio. “I was just in to see them. Jennifer says they are alive but still in the unexplained comas. Whatever has happened, John’s gene isn’t communicating with the city.”

“And right now, that’s not hurting us. Patch Teldy through to me when you hear from her, Amelia. For right now, we’ll keep working under the assumption that we can fix this without the men.”

“Damn straight,” Amelia muttered, earning a chuckle from Teyla and a smile from Samantha.


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