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First, have you seen the RESULTS FOR THE 2013 SATURN AWARDS?????? Check it out! I think a good majority of my FL will find the list interesting!

I want to sign up for the 2013 [ profile] polybigbang. The rough draft is due in October... I think. So I could finish the two big bangs I have in the works.

I already have one "no" from [ profile] enigma731 and I know Aster will narrow her eyes at me. Anyone else want to talk me out of it?

There's the Clint/Natasha/Bruce story that I've been aching to write for awhile. I'd love to try some version of Clint/Bobbi/Kate that came up when I was writing my random Kate stories. Um, what are my other ideas? My DCBigBang is Oliver/Felicity but there are also some Oliver/Felicity/Diggle feelings tugging at my heart. It would be an interesting time to try a crossover or some other AU. I started reading a John/Cam/Ronon story the other night that had me thinking of ideas.

It would be the third bang of the year and the year that I wrote that many, I had to take a lot more time away from the words. No one ever said I had to do these stories as a bang but I do appreciate the deadlines. I could use the ideas for my big story prompt table.

There are also stories to be written (and then read) for the [ profile] be_compromised 2013 Promptathon that started prompting this week. I've flagged a bunch of them. Okay, it's like half. Since DCBang is at 4200 (I made my word count yesterday!), I feel better about writing a few stories this week. And then there's finishing up the TV_universe big bang type thing. I only HAVE to get to 50 points and I made some sig tags to pad out the stories that I get done or don't get done in time. There's other stuff, of course, but I can't remember it. Oh well! You win some... you go home early for the rest.
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