Jan. 21st, 2013

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I had a beta window and two windows open to stories I need to work on. So what did I work on this weekend? A completely different story. It's one that, thankfully, fits into TWO [livejournal.com profile] longfic_bingo prompts (I'm working on parallel lines so it's two prompts for each story) but it's not one that I need to be writing at the moment.

My parents and I (and two sets of their friends) went to a pizza joint for Vietnamese food tonight. Yep. You heard me. Don't you often go to a pizza joint for Vietnamese? We know the people who own the place and their daughter-in-law is Vietnamese and she comes over on one Sunday every month to take over their pizza place's kitchen. The food was WONDERFUL! I'm only disappointed that they ran out of steam buns.

One of the ladies at dinner was an older lady who likes to quiz me about writing and publishing. She can't seem to remember that I keep telling her that I haven't finished anything that is publishable and that I don't know anything about publishing. This is the same person who once asked me, "How do you become a writer?" to which I answered, "You write." I did find out that she has a collection of short stories and some children's rhymes. This woman is online so it's not that she can't find the information. Of course, when I mentioned ebooks, she kind of looked at me blankly.

I'm once again up WAY TOO LATE! I've gotten out of a sleep cycle again. That's not going to make Monday all that easy to deal with.


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