Jan. 22nd, 2013

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Wow. I discovered a niche on AO3 that I never thought existed. When I posted the Steve/Darcy story with the two Natasha/Clint stories the other day, I thought the S/D story would just sort of nestle down to the bottom of the pile and smile pleasantly while no one read it.

It's gotten TWICE as many reads and THREE TIMES as many kudos!

Maybe I will write more Steve/Darcy!

Incidentally, Steve/Peggy fics don't appear to be at all posh over there. Sad, really.
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What do you think? Blue hair with purple streaks? Purple hair with blue streaks? I need to color my hair either this week or next to make it worth it.

This is the special year that my sister and I shave together. The bad thing about that is that we split the donations between our family and mutual friends. We've got a sort of bet going over who has friends more likely to donate... I say that my friends are cooler than her friends. While I have "more" friends than she does, she thinks her quality is better than my quantity.

So I'm asking my online friends to donate $5.oo toward my goal, just to show that my quantity is still quality!

The link to my donation page is: http://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/shelleyk2013. Donations are tax deductible in the States.

I would say that I would write you a story if you donated but I haven't even sent out the Christmas cards yet. *ducks* I'm not promising anything but you can ask!
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I am the Master and Commander!

Apropos icon is apropos.


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