Jan. 26th, 2013

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It's amazing how much I don't feel like writing while in pain. Huh. Imagine that!

So I figured I should make some use of my time and make some [livejournal.com profile] 5_prompts tables since it's been MONTHS since I've looked at the community. All the pictures I've been pinning on my story boards has given me some ideas for some tables.

If you're interested in a table of prompts without any real pressure, check out the community. And if you like making banners and want to help me out with some of the past banners that I need to make, I could use some help. It's one of the reasons that I sort of let the community just sort of dog paddle along because I don't have time to do some of this stuff. It sucks sometimes to be the only mod!

But anyway, I thought I would do a weekly picture prompt here. Something without any stress or pressure. If you want to write, you can write. You don't even have to write a "real" story (you know, with a beginning, middle and end). It can just be a piece of something that you were inspired to write by the picture. I'll keep doing it until I completely forget about it. Because I have a tendency to forget things. I've got the memory of an elephant!

It can be fandom or original or anything you'd like. I'm not sure about the provenance of some of the picture so I'm not sure about using them for arty stuff but that would work for me if it works for you. All that matters is that you use the inspiration. If the picture inspires you to create a haiku, that's cool. Your weekly inspirations can connect or they can be completely different.

Post what you have here (or in your own journal and link back here) by the end of the week. I will read and respond with a HOORAY! but that's all. No one will rip into your story or tell you that you've messed up your syntax or setting or characterizations. This is a free zone. It's just for inspiration.

Sound cool?
I'll put it under a cut so I can keep them the size I found them )
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It's that time of year again for the Ronon Thing-A-Thon at [livejournal.com profile] satedan_grabass and I'm trying to figure out if I want to throw my hat in the ring again this year. I'm tossing it around still. I miss John and Ronon (and John and Cam but couldn't rationalize the timing for the John/Cam gift thingy) and it would be nice to write some SGA still. I sort of have ideas. Not really a whole lot.

Which is funny because I flat out decided not to do the Leverage big bang even though I kind of have an idea for it. The last two episodes have given my Leverage Muse all kinds of nifty ideas. I'm also sort of thinking of doing a Spot the Threesome for the last season because you can definitely tell that some writers didn't like the threesome and some liked it A LOT so it was sort of all-or-nothing but I'd love to do a "here's what was happening" for the season, sort of like [livejournal.com profile] jendavis did with John/Ronon with I Am the Weapon which is STILL A THING in my head. I was thinking about it last week and contemplating a rewatch/reread just because it's still stuck in my head. She makes the whole thing WORK for that couple. It seems like a huge undertaking but it feels very much like a labor of love for me because I love when you can see the threesome and it makes me sort of angry when a writer (or maybe it was certain directors, I don't know) tries to push Eliot towards someone else, like he NEEDS a stable relationship that isn't in the group.

Wow. I have a lot of rage building inside of me over that show. *grins*

I'm still working on loglines for Streetlight People (which isn't really a true name for it anymore but I like it and everyone who knows about it knows it as that and it would be a shame to change it now so it'll be called that until I have to actually come up with a real name/title. I finished the book (it's awesome and EVERYONE needs to buy this book! Finding the Core of Your Story by Jordan Smith) and am now writing loglines for my characters. This seems to be hard for me WHICH MEANS that I need to know more about them.

GUYS! This is like plotting out your novel without plotting out your novel. I know stuff but I don't know all the RIGHT STUFF and it's the important stuff. The other stuff will work itself out but the loglines are the pivotal info and you need to know that before writing. So I'm doing a lot of "thinking" about my story and getting generally excited to learn new info about it. I bought myself a new notebook where I'm keeping notes. Two kinds of notebooks, as a matter of fact. I splurged and got myself a nice sketch pad and that's where I'm keeping my outlines and stuff. Good excuse to get out the Sharpies!

Okay, I'm off to get my writing into some sort of timeline because I didn't do ANY writing this week and I'm sadly behind on so many things! One thing I've discovered while figuring out what to write for my [livejournal.com profile] longfic_bingo... it's entirely possible to come up with ideas for the kink ideas that AREN'T kinks! Color me excited!


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