Jan. 27th, 2013

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Do you enjoy David Guetta's music as much as I do? Check out his podcast on iTunes! It's an hour of nearly continuous (there are tiny commercials for his podcast and other social media stamped in some spots) of his remixes. So awesome! Since I'm writing a club scene, this is PERFECT. I also love to put it on when I'm driving home and just let the car ROCK OUT all the way home. Add a strobe light and a morose bar tender and I'd have my own little club!

I've been wishing for a do-over lately. Have you ever wanted one of those? Just the opportunity to live an hour or a day or a week over again. Too much Being Erica? Maybe. But I truly feel as if I haven't made good choices lately. Nothing earth shattering. Just misguided passion spent in the wrong place. It's like searching for a fissure of gold and settling for some fool's gold in the stream. Throwing out the natural ruby because there's a pretty piece of granite that shines. Selling the antique gold ring instead of polishing it and buying a new one from the toy store that will stay shiny... until it breaks.

I've also been worried about one of my non-Littles lately. She turned 18 and decided she was an adult. So far, none of the choices she has made have been what you might call good for her future. I'm not sure how much I should pry or, even, how much I should try to help. I say to myself, "Oh, she knows you're there for her." But does she? Do I come to mind when she wonders who can help her? Do I flat out say, "Hey, what can I help you with?" and then accept that I might be enabling her? I'm so confused. So much of what she's doing is fueled from those teenage emotions that are so incredibly false but she's getting herself dug into a hole where even adult reasoning might not be able to help her out of.

So I want a do-over for me and for her and for so many other people who aren't having a good time of it lately. Would we do it better the second time around?
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SaraJo and I are still in discussions and I have yet to bring it up with Mandie but I'm thinking of heading to StarFest in Denver (April 19-21). I know [livejournal.com profile] rinkafic has mentioned it. Anyone else up for a fest in the Midwest?

Ben Browder is slated to be there. I'm just saying...


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