Feb. 2nd, 2013

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Last night I came home rather apprehensive. The nephews had arrived and I wasn't sure of my reception with the orange/yellow hair. Nic hadn't had a problem with the purple but he was very small when I went that color. He's never had a problem with either me or Mandie or his dad when we've shaved. But I didn't want this to be the time when Will decided he was scared of me.

He was in the bath and heard me and began his year-old chanting of what is the beginnings of "Auntie" and is still becoming more coherent with practice. I raced in to see him as he was trying to fight his Mom to get out of the tub. He didn't even care what I looked like, only that I was there and that I was willing to play with him (pour water from one measuring cup to the other over and over ad nauseum? Sure, bud! I don't mind doing that at all).

Nic, of course, wouldn't look at me straight on. When he did finally meet my eyes, it was hours later and he should have been in bed and he merely rolled his eyes back so only the whites were showing in an expression that I'm coming to see quite a bit of. Me and Nic, we've still got issues. I still get a lot of "No, Auntie" no matter what I say or do. Oh well. He's not quite three. Who am I to complain?

I played the good auntie last night. Tif is here alone on this trip. They're heading to Brasil in a few weeks and Alex had to stay behind to get caught up on some work (they're staying for 6 weeks but he'll be able to do a lot of his work from "home" and on skype but he's still apprehensive about being away for the weekend) so Tif gets double-teamed at night. I woke up to hear Will crying (screaming, really), knowing there was no way she could have both the boys in bed which meant that Will was angry with having to stay in the playpen. I asked if she wanted me to help and, as the way of all mothers of screaming children at 3am, she said, "Do what you want."

So Will came to bed with me. He took about an hour before he wasn't doing that little snuffly nearly-cry thing that kids get after crying for so long. And he kept staring at me. I'd open my eyes and see his dark little orbs still trained on my face. I sang and talked to him and finally decided I needed some help. Out came my phone and Spotify and I pulled up the first playlist that didn't have any words. Why, thank you BBC Orchestra and your fine performance of Scotland's soundtrack. He finally drifted off.

But I wasn't comfortable. My tailbone is still giving me fits and I was in an awkward position where my arm didn't have any place to go. I'm not good at knowing where to put everyone so we fit into bed, seeing as this is my first time ever doing this. I don't even normally sleep with another person (Spencer doesn't count as a person and I can just tell her to move in a stern voice if she gets in my way) so I was acutely aware of him there on the bed. So I did something stupid. I tried to move Will.

He woke up in a rage, aware that he wasn't in a bed that he recognized and I was not his mother. He tried to crawl out of bed and, in doing so, stumbled upon the wad of blankets that Spencer was under. Oh, the doggy. The doggy was in bed with us? That made everything instantly better. Spencer curled up on Will's side and the little boy went back to sleep with very little other fuss.

But I still wasn't comfortable. For all of that, nothing had really changed. So I improvised. I couldn't move the boy so I moved myself and just flipped my pillows around to the other side of the bed. And the three of us slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

Once again, Auntie was triumphant when it came to sleep. But Auntie is very tired this morning, even though we slept quite late for that little guy. Auntie is now sitting in a silent house, the only member of the family that didn't go to one of the Little's basketball game, with her head wrapped in a towel as the hair bleach goes to work on the last bit of red hair dye that's still clinging tenaciously. I should be closer to a pure blonde in an hour and then it's on to the blue dye.

Now I need to muster the creative muse and clear up some of the stories that need to be done so I can start in on some of the stories for the Valentine's Mini Promptathon at [livejournal.com profile] be_compromised and the story that is still formulating for some of the other prompts I have to write.

I'm thinking about signing up for [livejournal.com profile] heroinebigbang and writing the Sleeping Beauty idea but I need to check and see if originals are in the rules. I was discussing it with my family last night and I got a few, "Hmmm... that could be interesting" which is every bit as much like a pat on the back and a "Yes, you should do that" from them.
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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] be_compromised peeps!

I've started compiling the prompts in this doc. It's not pretty but it has the prompts listed by PAGE which is always huge for me. I didn't list the exact link but I figured page would get me there faster than not having a page at all.

Feel free to use and pass on, as you would like! I needed something that was sort of mindless today while I mulled over a completely different fandom story and decided this would be the mindless thing I did!

Also, I leave you all this video. [livejournal.com profile] anuna_81 was having a Hey Remember This Song post today that got me all sentimental for the songs that really touched me and this song probably has the highest listen count over my formative years.

Ah, good times. Enjoy!


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