Feb. 5th, 2013

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This was the second day out of 11 that I am without Beth, my coworker. The Jelly to my Peanut Butter. The Sugar to my Coffee. The Tony Stark to my Bruce Banner (science bros for the win!).

I don't begrudge her a vacation AT ALL but it's over two weeks long and I'm feeling whiney about it. Not only do I have to work harder and longer but I get slightly bored. Yeah, Randye will let me talk on and on about anything and everything but Beth really is more of a sounding board, bouncing back opinions and insight and ideas. I miss her!

And I'm already really tired of working opening to closing, although I was able to leave a whole half and hour earlier than I expected. Still, I'm racking up a TON of overtime here.

I'm thinking of taking a few days off around St. Baldricks (March 9th) so that I can spend more time in Boise. Tif won't be back from Brasil by that time (man, that's a lot of capitalized B words!) but I can hang out with Mandie. Or near Mandie.

I think I'll also need to take a few days off in February because I HAVE FICS DUE BY THE END OF THE MONTH! Eek! I have a fic that was due at the end of LAST MONTH that is only half complete! The winter blahs have affected my muse and I can't seem to shake her out of it! Eek!


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