Mar. 9th, 2013

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The Mad Hatters get shaved!

When the camera pans over to Mandie, there is a girl with a green and white scarf tied up in her hair. At the end of the day, we were trying to raise money so that Dr. Chang would shave her hair a few years early (she only does it every 5 years so she can donate it to Lock of Love) and Heather said that she was going to shave this year even though she'd decided against it. Come to find out, she's getting married in August and wanted to have hair for the pictures. Then, in September, she's starting chemo and figured she'd let her hair fall out for that. She's already beaten Ovarian Cancer and has Breast Cancer now. I went and gave her a hug after she came off the stage because Ovarian Cancer Survivors have to stand together!

Also, the Queens for a Cause were ACTUALLY Queens! We were in awe of them shaving off their lovely hair but it was all fake! Just wigs! One came in a beautiful taffeta gown that is probably part of her stage act (they were talking afterward about how they were going to MC at least part of the night without their wigs so they could tell everyone about the event) but quickly discovered that the tight packed room was not the place to try to maneuver such a fluffy thing.


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