Mar. 15th, 2013

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For the [ profile] wlreunion mini bang challenge

Title: In that Moment
Fandom: Firefly
Writer: [ profile] lar_laughs
Artist: [ profile] just_drifting_6

There was always a moment, just before she leaned forward to kiss Wash on the spot where his neck and his shoulder connected, that Zoe felt fear. She’d been through war, seen friends and foe scream as limbs were ripped off their bodies or instantly fall silent in the space of a flash of light. She’d taken her own share of life from the vantage point behind her gun or with a cruel-tipped knife.

There had been times, more numerous than she could recount, that she was afraid for her own safety. From the moment she’d been old enough to understand that the universe was unkind and she needed to do her best to make it right where she could, Zoe had lived with the knowledge that she could die at any moment. She didn’t hold fast to her soul. It was always something she kept firm inside but not locked down tight. When it fled her body, she would be ready.

But this man in front of her, the man who had stolen her heart and refused to give it back, was more precious to her than her own life. If she lost him, would she be able to continue on?

It was only in that single moment that the fear grabbed at her, refusing to let go. As soon as her lips touched his skin, her demons were quiet and she could concentrate on the fount of love that welled up inside her.

“Love you,” he’d say with a slight lean into her and in that moment, she knew peace.

Title: from what we were to what we become
Fandom: Dollhouse
Writer: [ profile] just_drifting_6
Artist: [ profile] lar_laughs

 photo efcdb492-ad62-4c03-9ea8-1e103bf985b3.jpg

The compound seems to rise up out of the mist like a mirage; nothing one minute and then the next there it is, the haphazard collection of crumbling buildings and barbed wire that they call Safe Haven.

He finds Adelle in her veggie garden. It's such a disparate image, when he thinks of high heels and expensive tea and clipped, efficient orders--how that woman can be the same as the one here now, on her knees in the dirt, her hands carefully pulling a carrot from the earth.

Still, she looks up and smiles when he approaches, and that's enough for all the in-between--the how and the why of where they are--to not matter at all. He's come back, new scrapes and scratches across his skin, and she will always be here, with soft hair and calloused hands and a conversation.


He does not say, "I've missed you." She does not say, "I'm so glad you're alive."
Instead, she beckons him over, and the kneel side by side on the ground, just content with the others' presence.
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I have had a horrible week. Not necessarily because of life but just because. You know? So I want this weekend to be really cool and I'm feeling overly optimistic about things. I think to have a good weekend, I need to smooth things over with my muse. I need to give her gifts and tell her how pretty she is and all that jazz. Want to help?

Leave my muse something here. A prompt, a song, a picture, a good shoe sale in the area. Something. I'm not promising that I'll necessarily use it in any special way other than to show my muse so she'll feel special because you gave me/her something but I'm hoping that it will help.

Thank you so much! You all rock!

Oh... also, while I'm thinking about it. Would anyone be willing to be part of a book exchange? I've got some books that I don't want to keep and was thinking about selling them online but I'm feeling like I want to share them. Anyone?


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