Mar. 16th, 2013

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I thought I would start EARLY on my [ profile] writerverse Table of Doom. Why start with the most challenging square first? So I wrote a Couplet Poem. Not just any old Couplet Poem but a Steve/Darcy poem over 500 words! I've bruised the part of my brain that rhymes!

Title: The Ad in the Sunday Paper
Prompt: format: couplet poem
Word Count: 762
Rating: PG
Original/Fandom: Avengers/Thor MCU
Pairings (if any): Steve/Darcy
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage): none
Summary: Darcy keeps hoping for an opening to tell Steve how she feels. This was not how she envisioned it happening.

You click this at your own risk... there be rhymes here )
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My own three sentence stories:

Prompt: Harry Potter, Tonks/Remus, one happy day of summer (link)
Story: It was a silly dream but, just once, Tonks wanted to feel like she was living a normal life with a normal husband instead of the usual race toward the inevitable war. She packed a basket with all their favorite foods before the harder task of pulling Remus away from his books and scrolls. Even if it was only for a few hours, this would be a memory that would carry her through the fighting, long enough for their next picnic under the bright sun.

Prompt: Community, Troy/Annie/Abed, "Well that escalated quickly." (link)
Story: Her fingers were tentative as she smoothed them over the warm skin of Abed's back, eager to memorize every inch of him as he sprawled on his stomach between her and Troy. When he looked back her, his eyes at half mast, she couldn't help but blush under his intense stare. "For a first time," she breathed as she moved in closer, "that was incredible."

Prompt: Avengers, Steve Rogers, these little wonders still remain (link)
Story: When he wasn't lost in the alien-ness of it all, Steve could see very well that the same thread of humanity that he remembered in his youth was still running through everything in his present. It was those moments that haunted him when he couldn't sleep, when all the time that he missed seemed to gang up on him and took his breath away. It was those moments that kept him fighting when all seemed lost because he knew, more than anyone, how important those moments were.
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I love three word sentences so much! Granted, these are just snippets as opposed to full stories but I still love writing them!

And the link again, by clicking the picture:

Prompt: Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (/any), "and I am done with my graceless heart/so tonight I'm gonna cut it out/and then restart" (link)
Story: It had been easy to love Gale. Perhaps that was part of the problem because it appeared that he'd never really loved her even if it had always felt like what was coming back to her was love. "Something new," she whispered to herself as she took Peeta's hand and let him lead her toward this new life she'd never let herself imagine.

Prompt: Arrow, Felicity/Helena, cleaning up the city their way (link)
Story: "Stay on your present course," Felicity cautioned as she watched the blinking light on her screen, "or you're going to find yourself in a heap of trouble."

"You'll come find me if I did."

Over the static of the headset, she could be sure if Helena had asked a question of her lover or made a statement but it was truth, either way.
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I have the best news! There's this story that I've been working on for the last couple of months. It's actually something that has been on my To-Do list for the last YEAR but I only found the idea a few months ago and I finally eeked out enough idea to consider it FINISHED. There is an ending on it! Right now, I have people looking it over but I hope to have it to [ profile] pentapus by the end of this next week!

To celebrate... I did what I do best. I wrote more three sentence stories! Man, I'm enjoying myself so much I may have to do something like this here. Maybe I'll go back through the ideas I keep demanding from all of you and write some of them up like this. *claps with glee*

Prompt: Avengers, Bruce/Natasha, tired and wired we ruin too easy (link)
Story: Natasha knew his skin would be sensitive but she couldn't stop her hand from resting lightly on Bruce's shoulder, a reminder that she was nearby if he needed her. He turned his head, placing the tiniest of kisses on her knuckles as if to let her know she was welcome to stay. As she settled in next to him on the couch, she assessed the damage (that which was seen and that which was assumed) and decided that this mission hadn't been a success but it hadn't been a bust, either.

Prompt: Doctor Who, Martha/Mickey, they're the ones who've moved on (link)
Story: It seems like a lifetime ago when she'd been onboard the TARDIS instead of just getting updates about where the Doctor was next but Martha doesn't care about the past. There are times when she looks at Mickey, his eyes intense with purpose, and she realizes that she has everything she's ever wanted. It sounds sappy (she'll never say it out loud) but he is her white knight and she is his.

Prompt: Bend it Like Beckham, Jess/Jules, adrenaline rush (link)
Story: There are rituals that must be followed after every game; some are with teammates but there are those that keep them rock steady even with the blood pounding in their ears as they struggle to come down from the high of playing and, more importantly, winning. This time is no exception and Jules pushes Jess into the corner of the deserted closet that is always off limits after a game. She doesn't care that there are sweaty clothes in the way, only that she can find skin to touch and mark with her teeth.

Prompt: Mean Girls, Janis/Regina, it's easier to be angry when you're young (link)
Story: They call it a reunion but it's more like ten years of torturous wait in return for bad wine and cold finger food while trying to make small talk with people who were never friends in the first place, but Janis goes through it for one glance so that she can put away the dreams that have been haunting her since turning twenty-five, when she realized a few truths about things she'd been hiding from herself. Regina, never one to follow the rules, walks across the room instead of staying with the girls she once called friends. "I know this might be a mistake but I've been waiting ten years to be able to ask you to dance."

Prompt: Firefly/Serenity, Mal/Zoe/Inara, memories (link)
Story: With some people, memories get in the way. Faces are superimposed where they don't belong and no amount of blinking will make them go away. When they are together, no matter whose room they've snuck into, there is a sense of home that is nowhere else and all three of them cling to those moments of peace to keep them going through the rest of the hours of the day.

Prompt: Leverage, team, Leverage 2.0 (post-finale) (link)
Story: "Let's get this done," Eliot growls as he puts in his ear comm into place. If there was anyone else in the room, they might have missed the tiny things he does now, rituals that put him into a good place for fighting. A touch on Parker's shoulder or the look he gives Alec don't go undetected by the other two, their own rituals already completed.

Prompt: Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth, it was over as quickly as it had begun (link)
Story: To say that she left regrets behind was like saying that rain was wet. Wishes clustered in her mind as the nanites clustered in her blood stream, both of them pressing in on her in unspeakable ways. "Be safe," she whispered to the city, hoping it passed along her words to the rest of the people she called friends.


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