Apr. 7th, 2013

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Let's see... where did we leave off last?

I changed up my little character because my year was almost up so I paid up my $1.99 for a new look. Going for a new hairdo. Something a little longer and multi-colored.

My family spent the weekend in Boise because my sister and her family came home from Brasil, where they've been for seven weeks. Now, we missed Tif and her husband but we were crazy missing the boys. Will, at a year and a half, is still not talking much. He's very much a "wait and watch" sort of guy but he will ramble on when he gets a bug in him. It took him awhile to warm up to everyone but he'd been sort of inundated with "love" the last few days in Brasil and was gun-shy about being picked up by anyone. By the time we left tonight, he was asking to come to me so that was good.

I dropped of wad of money in Boise. Three new pairs of jeans! Three! Also a bunch of jewelry making things (beads and wire and whatnot) because I'm going to be hanging out with Beth in two weekends from now and we're going to a rock and gem show so I need supplies! We also went to Costco so I bought a GIHUGIC box of Mandarin Oranges!

Also, the cough is back. I think it's allergy related. It's not really connected to anything and a ton of people around the valley are complaining of it. The doctors don't have anything for it. Nothing we know about will help it. I'm just wondering if it isn't because of the horrible allergies that most people are complaining about.

I'm almost through with my rewatch of Season One of Veronica Mars. Season Two isn't here yet so I think I'm going to have to skip right to Season Three. But, oh, the FEELS!

My sister and I keep comparing our hair to see who has the longest. Mine is "thicker" because her's is curling already but mine is also gray-er! Drat being older by three and a half year! You think that it's important to be older during the high school years but it's really about who is older the closer you get to forty! *sigh*

Those stories I'm going to write everyday? *sigh* I have ideas... but that's why I need to do this in the first place. I have all the ideas in the world. It's getting them down on paper that is killing me softly.

By the way, if you end up buying any of the new Crystal Light liquid stuff, be sure to NEVER MOVE it from the original location where you take it after it's been opened. If you do, double bag the stuff because IT LEAKS! Thankfully, it hasn't ruined anything important. Geesh! And it's good, too, which makes this whole thing even more horrible because I feel as if I should complain to the company about their product. Besides, should something called Peach Bellini be THIS RED?


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