Apr. 9th, 2013

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After dealing with the changing of the passwords (and I KNOW that's going to come back to haunt me), I realized that I'd never gotten the refund that was promised to me by this girl on Tophatter. TWICE she said she sent out the promised package of beads that I won on the bidding site and TWICE they didn't show up. After tracing them, they kept going to somewhere in Washington State. Granted, that's in my part of the country but IT'S NOT ME. She said she sent them out to my PayPal account address but they weren't getting to me. It's not like I don't constantly get things sent to that address so I know it works. I finally asked for a refund and she agreed and then NOTHING. So I went looking how I can get a refund through PayPal and it's, of course, past that deadline because I'm lazy when it comes to this kind of thing. But I was determined.

You know what got her moving? Negative feedback. Should have done that in the very beginning! She sent me something that asked me how we could resolve the negative feedback when she's sent the refund and I was ready to go through the roof with rage because this was turning into a bad Abbot and Costello routine when she responds back about some story about going into labor early and doing the refund from her phone and it didn't go through and blah blah blah. I just want me refund! I can't just laugh off $50 and tell her to keep it. That's a lot of money that I have no product to show for! I responded back and said that I would change the feedback when I received the payment.

Now I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs.


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