Apr. 23rd, 2013

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As this feels like a sort of adoration meme towards AO3 (and because I do adore AO3 so much), I thought I'd do it. This combines my love of stats (numbers? that fit together? DONE!) with my love of kudos. So much wonderfulness!
In which I talk about numbers )

This last weekend, I went on an overnight excursion with co-worker Beth. Her husband was out of town and she wanted to go to a bead show in another town and she invited me! We had a lot of fun. The bead show was small but that was good because, if it had been any bigger, I would have stood in the middle of the room with a twitch in my eye as I tried to figure out where to start. We also went to Michael's where I bought even more stuff! Then we crafted in our hotel room until the small hours of the night. I made several projects and have several others laid out, ready to go when I get the 1)equipment and 2)courage.

One of the projects I've been working on is woven wire bracelets and other types of jewelry. Check out these heart pendants that I hope to duplicate... someday. I should post pictures of the stuff I've made to date but I've been lazy about it.

Just as I've been lazy about getting on LJ in a timely manner. Sorry about that!
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I watched the Defiance pilot tonight and LOVED IT! It's definitely on my list of shows to continue watching. There's some great apocalyptical steampunk going on with those costumes! There are exactly three stories at AO3 and one of them (a drabble) is by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] aryas_zehral so check it out and give it some love!

My littlest nephew has a spiral fracture just under his left knee. Right now he has a temporary cast and will get a more permanent one on Friday. I have tomorrow off, as luck would have it, and thought about running over there for the day but I'm afraid that I would just be in the way since Mom already went over. I do want to shower him with kisses, though. The poor kid just barely learned to walk! :(

My cup of coffee this morning was SO GOOD that I'm thinking about going to bed early just so morning will be here sooner and I can make another. My secret? Put some marshmallows in the cup before you pour in the coffee. This only really works is you're more of a latte girl, of course. I add a little chocolate syrup and VOILA! It's lovely!


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