Apr. 28th, 2013

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I just finished my online application for a paraprofessional librarian position at one of the local elementary schools. While I don't have any actual "librarian" experience, I know libraries like the back of my hand! They are some of my favorite places in this world! I'll never know if I can do it unless I try - right? Here goes nothing!

My 16 month old nephew broke his leg going down a slide! He got a cast on it Friday and has been here with us this weekend. So far he's doing a good job of getting around but he's mastered the art of "get me over there" gestures. He and I have worked on a lot of those marble tunnel sculptures, much to my enjoyment. I build them and he sends marbles down them... and then gets excited and beats them back to pieces.

My sister has lost 33 lbs. in the last year with just diet and exercise. It's amazing to see her results because the girl has MUSCLES but it's also very depressing. I've always been the biggest in my family but seeing that it can be done does something for my psyche. I need to be better about, if nothing else, eating better. It wouldn't kill me to get on the treadmill, though!

The muse has been gracious this week! I may have those QueerFest stories done in time, after all!


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