May. 1st, 2013

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I'm in a quandry! Last night, I signed up for [ profile] marvel_bang and thought I knew what I should write but I suddenly realized that I have two ideas that I'd like to do. Which do you like?

1) The Commas By Debate college AU: a bunch of college students come together to form a band even though there's nothing that seems to connect them other than music. A coffee shop (owned and operated by a guy named Fury who likes to poke into other people's business) will make an appearance because the setting and idea sort of cry out for one.

2) A third segment to the New Mexico State of Mind universe (the grouping of stories that explains where the two of them are in relation to other movies - so a sort of "fit it all together" that makes my muse happy) that puts Natasha and Clint into place during Iron Man 3 (which I'm going to get to see, for the first time, in about 24 hours! Hooray!) and explains the arrow necklace that Natasha appears to be wearing in Captain America 2.

I think both ideas could be the 10k I need. Thoughts? Ideas? Feelings? Cookies?

Also, anyone have any really good Felicity/Diggle ideas because I also joined [ profile] dcu_bang with the intent of writing an Arrow story. Well, specifically a Felicity/Diggle story but I'm actually open to just about anything at this point. I just want to write Felicity!


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