May. 8th, 2013

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How in the world did Laura Ingall Wilder do it? Our power was out ALL NIGHT yesterday and I tried, first, to read by flashlight and then to read by candlelight and both were giving me a headache. So I just went to bed. 9:30pm! Can you believe it?

For [ profile] marvel_bang, I've decided to do my "where are the other Avengers during Iron Man 3" story idea that sort of segues with the "how did Natasha get that necklace" idea. I also finally read the first Hawkeye comic book (the first four? plus a Young Avengers) and I have Clint feels! Lots of Clint ideas and inspirations. PLUS, Coworker thinks she has a really cool idea for an arrow necklace!!! I will take pictures when/if she gets it done.

I haven't heard back from the school district on the librarian job. It's only been about a week and a half and, let's be serious, it is a government entity so it's not like they'll move on this quickly. Still... I REALLY WANT THIS JOB! I've been working through some of the things I want to tell them in the interview. Like, for instance, I can read upside down at the same speed that most everyone else can read normal. That sounds like a great talent for an elementary school librarian to have, right? RIGHT?

I'm reading one of the newer Archie McNally books written by Vincent Lardo. While I'm glad that someone is taking over the series, I also find that I don't like them as much. The great thing about the original McNally was his obsession with his wardrobe and his meals. It was clear that nothing else mattered to him. No wonder he never asked Connie to marry him! She was just a mannequin for beautiful outfits or a second plate at his favorite restaurants. In this book, his single status weighs on him entirely too much. He REASONS it out. No, that's not what Archie does. But I still like the heart of the books so I'll read the rest of them. I'll just mourn Lawrence Sanders all the more.


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