May. 25th, 2013

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It's the long Memorial Day weekend in the US. We've already made our annual (if the second year on the same weekend can be called annual) trip to Yellowstone Bear World (otherwise known as Yellowstone Lite) and the nephews were ECSTATIC! You drive through a preserve with bear, wolves, elk and other random animals along the path. If you can't get to Yellowstone or are too young to fully enjoy the park (we're in the second category with the boys right now), it's a pretty cool place.

Say what you will about the wilds of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming but we have pretty amazing animals and vistas. You want to see some of the coolest mountains around? Come to my area of the North American Rockies (specifically, the Sawtooths) and check out some pretty cool mountains. Talk about seeing Plate Tectonics up close!

I've been tasked with overnight care of Nephew The Youngest and our sleep last night was fitful. His because it always is and mine because I was snapped back to awareness every time he moved. I had an audio book playing softly when I first went to bed and either the talking soothed him or it soothed me and kept me from hearing him quite so much so I turned it back on about 3am.

Here's hoping we both get some good sleep tonight! I don't have time for a nap like I did this morning!


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