May. 30th, 2013

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Okay, SGA friends, I have a connundrum for you. Granted, it's been awhile since I've seen Enemy At the Gate so I'm not completely sure what I remember correctly about that particular show. I went to Todd's wiki to get some info for a story I'm writing and came across this bit under 2009:

Later he contacted Atlantis revealing that, though the process was extremely painful, the Iratus bug had completely cured him of the horrid disease, also reversing the gene therapy causing him to turn back into a normal Wraith. He also told them that he had been defeated by one of his crew, who had gotten his hands on several Zero Point Modules, a vast power source that can strengthen a Hive Ship greatly. He was allowed back to Atlantis, but was held in a cell. The Wraith who had betrayed Todd was on his way to Earth having received the coordinates from a subspace transmission from an alternate reality. Therefore, Todd provided the expedition with two ZPMs so it could fly to Earth and battle the Hive before it attacked. Atlantis landed on Earth after the Hive had been destroyed and Todd was still in custody. (ATL: "Vegas", "Enemy at the Gate")

After putting Todd into stasis to keep him alive without dealing with the ethical issue of whether or not to feed him, he was released after the expedition had returned to Pegasus and were investigating reports of a new Wraith Queen, known as 'Queen Death'. When studying a holographic projection left by Queen Death, Todd appeared to be slightly attracted to her image, but he was recovered by Wraith responding to the message's activation before Sheppard could question him about Queen Death's implied status in Wraith mythology.

I'm confused by that second paragraph... that isn't from Enemy At the Gate, is it? Is that from one of the books? Is someone just messing with the wiki? What am I missing?


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