Jun. 1st, 2013

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(I didn't take either of these pictures)

Today was the day that I caught a real life glimpse of Felicia Day.

Even from a distance, she is GORGEOUS. Flawless, I would say.

Now, I decided not to spend on autographs mostly because I didn't want to spend yet more time in line than we already spent. But I really wanted to lift that rule once I saw Felicia Day.

Another gorgeous woman? Clare Kramer.

Time has been kind to Clare but there has still been a lot of time between today's panel and her days as Glory on Buffy. Still, she seems like a really nice human being.

Another hero that I got to see up close... Georges Jeanty! He went to some of the same panels I went to... like he's a normal person or something! I completely forgot to bring one of my Buffy comics to have him sign. Oh well. Tomorrow or Sunday, I'd like to walk up to his table and tell him how much I love his work. We'll see.

I did see some amazing art! I tried to go up to the female artists that I saw and take the time to look at their work and compliment them. I'll have to dig out all the cards I picked up but there was some amazing stuff there!

Carrie Vaughn is listed as being there tomorrow in a few panels so now I feel as if I must find out if she has a table of some sort. I didn't take the time to look at any of the book tables since I was intent on finding "Batman New 52 Number 4 first edition but only if it's under $20" for our UPS guy that geeks out with me when he stops to deliver our boxes. But now I'm going to have to go find books!!! Because I need them! I do!
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Yesterday, the only cosplay pictures I took were because the guys behind us in line were doing the "Hey, ! Can we take a picture?" thing and so the person would stop and pose. I never thought I would do any actual yelling. Instead, I figured I would get in on anyone posing for other people and go along my merry way.

And then, today, the Hawkeyes and Captain Marvel walked by me. For the first time, I did the yelling. They were wonderful and stopped with a pose. Here's the picture I took:

 photo e31c0bcd-4f7d-4a8f-9c4c-6d7e62e25941.jpg

Then they thanked ME for taking their picture. We waved at each other and they walked off.

But then Captain Marvel came back to chat while the others went to use the facilities. Turns out, she made their costumes! How cool! She measured my geekery to see if I could handle the news that she'd gotten a shout out from Kelly Sue DeConnick on Twitter about her costumes. Color me impressed!

But it doesn't end there. These were just today's costumes! Tomorrow, they're coming as Natasha, Winter Soldier and Wasp. She even made him a METAL ARM!!!! How cool!

Anyway, you can follow her on Tumblr!


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