Jun. 8th, 2013

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I'm going through my notes from last weekend and purchasing (or wishlisting) the books I heard about on panels. All this effort has me thinking: I wish that I had "two" Kindles. One for books that have gotten good reviews from people I admire and respect for their reading opinion... and one for books that I get for free or from the lists I belong to that have dubious reviews. I'm so tired of wading through free books. It's making me rethink ever giving away my books for free. I think people wouldn't mind paying a couple of dollars for a well-written book. I'm so tired of free crap.
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It's a lovely Saturday morning and I'm out on the deck with my laptop, hoping to absorb at least a little Vitamin D after my more nerdy exploits of last weekend. So far, I can hear two lawnmowers.

Instead of writing, of course, I'm making sig banners for the new session of [livejournal.com profile] writerverse that just started. I thought I'd make a new post since I've misplaced the previous one I had.

TV_universe 2013:
 photo vmdishghanimasun.png

 photo ac7e3c2b-d07d-4922-b025-2c1aea8aa48c.jpg

 photo 0a295e81-e89c-4791-a7ff-e94edf384adb.jpg

 photo 53658163-730e-4f31-bdf7-b0393c4dc360.jpg

The newest for Summer 2013:
 photo 98f004bb-c557-4ae4-b96d-e6ddbbb102c4.jpg

 photo 4256fa82-2d36-4e16-9062-32e599961384.jpg

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I am now the proud owner of this print of Pixie, my favorite of all the X-Men. She needs a frame but I'm procrastinating. The artist was at DCC and I actually went looking for her a second time so I could get this print. May have to see about adding the one of Captain Marvel to my collection, as well!

So, I've been investigating the Carol Corps and even purchased the first Captain Marvel comic. If it makes me love Carol as much as I love Clint and Kate thanks to the Hawkeye comic, I may have found my new muse!

Right now, I'm working on several stories in the same "universe" that will eventually resolve into a collection. Not chapters so much as interconnected stories. Every time I say that, I end up losing my resolve after a couple or getting sidetracked. The good news about this particular universe is that the Big Damn Table for [livejournal.com profile] writerverse this phase has to either be used for one huge story or 20 smaller stories... all of them set in this universe. I know that some people have discussed the idea of one fandom being a universe but I'm going to stick with this storyline and these particular characters.

But other characters keep pressing to be added. Clint and Darcy may prove to be the only "movie" characters and then I'm stuck in the nebulous world of "it's not movie and it's not comics so what is it" that is going to get me into trouble. Well, not trouble. It can be considered an AU, I suppose. But ignored, for sure. Pity that all my "oooh, write in this shadow" stories get ignored. Sometimes I wish that I could write mainstream like everyone else.


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