Jun. 17th, 2013

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I am going to tell you a story of the Yarn Tribbles.

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Remember back when my nephew was having his birthday and we made blankets for the Linus Project instead of giving gifts? Well, I told the coworkers and Beth loved the idea. She had two ready to go by the time his birthday rolled around.

Flash forward a month later. Beth is having a low point (we don't call it depression because we don't like the word) and starts working on a new afghan to send to our state's Linus Project. She's watching the news about the tornadoes in Oklahoma City and thinks, "I'm going to send this afghan to OKC." But then she realizes that this is her thing as she thinks back to all the things she's created for different charities. These blankets have just been the latest in a long line of things she's done that have made her feel good. Really good.

She told her mom about this and her mom mentioned it at her church, asking if anyone had any stray yarn they wanted to get rid of that her daughter could use to make these blankets (and the hats she makes for St. Baldricks and Operation Christmas Child, two other things I've set her on). I don't know if you have ever mentioned something like this at church before but little old church ladies love this kind of thing. It means they can clean out their yarn closet. Not just one lady. Not just two ladies.

We have Yarn Tribbles! I've brought home the fourth bag of yarn. The fourth GARBAGE BAG of yarn today. I'm spreading it out to two other people and taking some of the random odds and ends for any craft projects that the Littles may decide to make. Tonight, I'm undoing some half done projects and balling a bunch of all different colors. I do love balling yarn!

Yesterday, I ended up teaching two of the Littles to crochet which was fun. Right now, I'm the only one they know that does which makes me sad because I grew up with all my grandmother's doing some sort of yarn based craft nearly all the times.

Anyway, the reason I brought this up was as an excuse for why I haven't been writing much. Or blogging. Or much of anything that doesn't involve a hook in one hand. And also, I highly recommend it as a crafty project! And if you need an excuse to finish something (like I do), find a charity that gives away blankets! Ever country should have one!


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