Jul. 6th, 2013

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I took Rory to the vet today and I think she's not speaking to me any longer! This morning she was staying completely off the leg but it wasn't more swollen. Since I had to work and her appointment wasn't until afternoon and my house is nearly 45 minutes away from the vet, they let her stay there for the day. When I got there, she was walking on the foot again! Turns out, it was an abscess and it had started draining while she was there so all they had to do was clean it out (that did not make her happy!) and give her an injection of antibiotics. I didn't care about the shot costing more than the liquid because I didn't think she was going to let me give her the meds for 7-10 days!

She must be feeling better (or she's still angry) because she's not hanging out near me like she has been the last few days. I spoke too soon. Guess she's not that angry because she wants some attention. She's still stress shedding. Lovely.
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As with any Land Comm, there is a Big Bang challenge at [livejournal.com profile] tv_universe and it's the kind where you write a bunch of words (together in one big story or in a bunch of tiny little things). They have some prompts but I was thinking I wanted more. Then I thought I would ask for some help from my friends.

I'm going to make this super easy! You don't have to come up with a fandom or even a character.

Leave a line of conversation here at this post. It can be anything. It just needs to be something that someone would say (out loud or as an inner thought).

By leaving something here, you're also giving me permission to use the line in a story. I won't count it as part of the ending word count but it will be part of the story.

As a bonus, if you'd like to leave a prompt for a TV show that you and I share in common, feel free. You don't need to, though. This is purely a bonus.


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