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My goals this weekend:

--Finish the edging on the blue/white afghan (first time doing a finishing stitch so here's hoping it goes well)
--Work on Amnesia fic (something I found in my WIP file)
--Make a list of books I want to give away (more on that later)
--Finish balling all the blue yarn
--Set up Tumblr for Yarn Tribbles
--Finish laundry
--Clean off desk

Can I do it? YES I CAN!
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The Fosters: the kitchen table
 photo 80736072-6b56-42d8-9737-f8dc310f14e0.jpg

 photo fb6b3f17-0bdd-4989-98b3-663e9d8b5957.jpg  photo 9a4d8abf-ecff-4953-b08e-09f3abfdc489.jpg  photo 33414652-7e40-4fad-80ea-17ad1b864db3.jpg

It’s the sort of kitchen table that’s never cleaned off. There’s always plates full of food or piles of books and papers. Sometimes there’s bags of groceries or piles of gift-wrapped packages. Depending on the season, it’s covered with a brilliant display of gloves and scarves or garden implements threatening to fall to the floor.

When the family is crowded around, chairs pushed in or pulled all the way out, it feels like a large space. It feels like it could hold a handful more without collapsing in on itself. Before it stops being a table and becomes a pile of timber.

While it looks like nails and glue hold it together, that’s just on the surface. What really holds it together are the emotions that swirl around it. Without the agony and the ecstasy, the boredom and joy, it would be just a table. Just a piece of furniture. The family, though, makes it a centerpiece and a treasure.
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Come and join [ profile] tv_universe! It's a land comm based on TV shows. Any and every TV show!

Tell them I sent you!
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Title: Coffee (An Odd Man story)
Prompt: Harsh angles & "You have to laugh at yourself once in a while, because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't" (The Indigo Girls)
Bonus? yes
Word Count: 382
Rating: PG
Original/Fandom: Original
Pairings (if any): none
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): none
Summary: It's the next day and he said he would come back.

She's waiting for him the next morning... )
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Wow! This is me talking about why I haven't been online the last week )

So, anyway, that's why I haven't been online. Amazing how a lack of oxygen keeps me from doing a whole array of things. Pretty much, if it didn't involve sleeping, watching TV or the occasional crocheting, I didn't do it. I even called off work for most of this week!

Funny story though. I just got my Carol Corp tshirt arrived in the mail on Thursday so I decided to wear it, because it was new, on Friday. My doctor walks in and she takes one look at my shirt and says, "Where did you get that? I need that shirt." I'd forgotten that my doctor's name is Carol! She wasn't that impressed by my geekspeach about who Carol Danvers is and why fandom as a whole needs to get behind her because she's a pretty bad ass hero (she and I have a great relationship where I feel free to tell her about geeky things and she rolls her eyes, much like my mother) but she was pretty impressed by the shirt. I hopes she does get one because there just needs to be more Carol love in this world, irregardless of who the Carol is.

We've had two days of miserable cold (for this time of year) and rain so while today isn't exactly off the charts with heat, we're spending as much time outside as we can. Gotta soak up all the rays while they're out. We get paranoid when the sun doesn't come out from behind the clouds for awhile. While we are a fairly sunny area (hence the ski resort being called Sun Valley), we've had summers (and winters) where we don't see the sun AT ALL. 1991, for example. The summer after I graduated from high school was the last truly rainy summer we've had and it was pretty miserable. I'm sorry that we've had a drought since then but we've deserved every sunny day we've gotten since that summer. I had to buy a RAIN JACKET. Like I was onboard a lobster boat off the coast of Maine or something. Not Idaho where we keep our water in our rivers, thank you very much.

I found a video tape of a thing we did back in 2001. That was the height of the Survivor craze. I think it had been around for two years in the States by that time? Something like that. One of the guys I worked with loved the show and we decided to have a Survivor themed birthday party for him. The rest of us made a "voting off the island" video and then we had a tribal council where we voted him off the island. We showed him the cool room and the cool cake and the cool food, played the video, snuffed his flame and made him leave the room. It was pretty funny because we locked the door. Because we're nice people, we did relent and let him back in. The video was my baby because I scripted most of it and then had to coerce the rest of the team into playing along. They're all goofs and were great sports about it but they were also "professionals" so had to be talked into it so they could say they didn't have anything to do with it if it came up. We were all SO YOUNG.

Right now I'm trying to post it to Facebook but, in retrospect, I should have tried putting it on YouTube instead. I think the download would have gone faster! So if I can ever get it online, I'll post it here just so I have a record of the fact that I was once young and funny. I'm still funny... just not young.

Will, the almost 20 month old nephew, walked around the house with one of the old phones tucked under his tilted head, saying a bunch of things we couldn't understand and pausing before saying, "Okay... okay... okay," for several minutes at a time. It was hilarious following after him, trying to figure out what else he was saying. I also think it's beyond hilarious that he comes really close to saying my name, smooshing it together so that it sounds like "AunShay" but still won't say my sister's name. Oh, he'll point her out when asked to say her name but he won't verbalize it. HAH! Got you back for Nic never saying MY name. HAH! The boys definitely have their favorites.

I got Amazon boxes yesterday. It's about time for a monthyly update of all the finds I've found on Amazon. I've started to buy K-cups through Amazon because it's cheaper than what we can find around here. Man, sometimes I hate living in a small town because the prices are OUT OF THE SIGHT but at least we have internet shopping and reasonable shipping. There's something to be said for only having to go through one hub before making it to our little post office. As long as we can get to the desk before it closes for the day (they cut our hours back drastically so it's a challenge), we get our boxes within just a few days of ordering.

Okay, I talked your ear off. *smooshes you all* Man, being unplugged makes me really appreciate you guys!
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The sickness has found me. I ran and ran and ran but it caught me anyway. I think it's mostly allergy related and something must have blown in because OMG I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose and my head... my head may have been replaced with a leaky melon. It may be a Benadryl night!

I finished That Summer in Sicily by Marlena De Blasi and I loved it so much! Her books are some of my favorite non-fiction. Now I've picked up Trouble and Her Friends by Melissa Scott (it's a shame that cyberpunk isn't really a thing anymore) and Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whendon by the Women Who Love Them. I'm trying to keep a non-fiction book on my current reading list this summer, just to get some more on my list!
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I am going to tell you a story of the Yarn Tribbles.

 photo 1ff66ee7-d944-4462-84cd-3ca5de6a1b79.jpg

Remember back when my nephew was having his birthday and we made blankets for the Linus Project instead of giving gifts? Well, I told the coworkers and Beth loved the idea. She had two ready to go by the time his birthday rolled around.

Flash forward a month later. Beth is having a low point (we don't call it depression because we don't like the word) and starts working on a new afghan to send to our state's Linus Project. She's watching the news about the tornadoes in Oklahoma City and thinks, "I'm going to send this afghan to OKC." But then she realizes that this is her thing as she thinks back to all the things she's created for different charities. These blankets have just been the latest in a long line of things she's done that have made her feel good. Really good.

She told her mom about this and her mom mentioned it at her church, asking if anyone had any stray yarn they wanted to get rid of that her daughter could use to make these blankets (and the hats she makes for St. Baldricks and Operation Christmas Child, two other things I've set her on). I don't know if you have ever mentioned something like this at church before but little old church ladies love this kind of thing. It means they can clean out their yarn closet. Not just one lady. Not just two ladies.

We have Yarn Tribbles! I've brought home the fourth bag of yarn. The fourth GARBAGE BAG of yarn today. I'm spreading it out to two other people and taking some of the random odds and ends for any craft projects that the Littles may decide to make. Tonight, I'm undoing some half done projects and balling a bunch of all different colors. I do love balling yarn!

Yesterday, I ended up teaching two of the Littles to crochet which was fun. Right now, I'm the only one they know that does which makes me sad because I grew up with all my grandmother's doing some sort of yarn based craft nearly all the times.

Anyway, the reason I brought this up was as an excuse for why I haven't been writing much. Or blogging. Or much of anything that doesn't involve a hook in one hand. And also, I highly recommend it as a crafty project! And if you need an excuse to finish something (like I do), find a charity that gives away blankets! Ever country should have one!
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I made fic tonight out of despair. I didn't write anything when Colorado burned last year but I'm so tired of crying that I decided I needed to write something. My inner Darcy cried out for justice because she hung out in New Mexico so might very well have known what it was like to live through something like this.

Title: Burning
Characters: Darcy/Steve
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Steve comes home to find Darcy watching the news... )


Some images that Darcy might have seen on the news
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I don't know if I can do this again this fire season. So much of Colorado is burning and I have friends who are under mandatory evacuation. The knowledge that places that I love are burning is physically hard for me to handle.

Is it strange that the Idaho fire happened while I was in Colorado and, now that I'm back in Idaho, Colorado is burning?

This could be a long fire season if Colorado is burning so early and Idaho is set up to be kindling by the end of summer. Dad (the local Fire Chief) and the others in areas around us have set up their teams to be certified to help out the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) fight fires on Federal land (around here, that's A LOT of land).

Now it's just a waiting game. Where will nature be responsible for the flames? Where will humans? How many people will be in jeopardy? How many homes lost? How much smoke will taint our air?

*sigh* It makes me physically exhausted to follow the news. So many tears. So much pain.


Jun. 11th, 2013 11:20 pm
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I almost quit Tumblr last night. If it was for the fact that [ profile] enigma731 has been chatting with me there, I would have. It just seems like I spend a good amount of time there feeling guilty or stupid.

I don't use Facebook for anything other than looking at pictures from my family, mostly because I decided to post things that I enjoy. There, I spend a lot of time feeling like an idiot for the things I end up posting.

Lately I keep running into things on LJ that make me feel small and petty and silly.

The only place I truly feel safe online is playing Solitaire.
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I let the dice choose the title! This is written for the [ profile] writerverse An adjective, a noun, and a prepositional phrase walk into a bar... challenge.

Title Chosen: Odd Man For Hire
Word Count: 350
Rating: PG
Original/Fandom: Original
Pairings (if any): none
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): none
Summary: She had no where else to turn when she saw the ad in the newspaper.

She laughed the first time she saw the ad in the paper. )
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I've gotten 2000 words of my Marvel Big Bang written. It's only the first half hour of the four day ordeal so I think I'm good, word wise. The key is to find my high beats and make sure I'm concentrating on those. Wouldn't want to drag down the suspense!

I just finished the audiobook of Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore. I really enjoyed it! Aster and I were discussing audiobooks today and she mentioned that she liked the book Divergent but not the audiobook (the reader put in weird emphasis where the situation didn't call for it) so I think I'm going to stick to that as a book. I placed an Amazon order yesterday so should have some interesting books coming my way, plus the Captain Marvel #1 book! Hooray!

This was such a lovely weekend! I helped my sister sew some pillow cases and then she and my mom and I played Ticket to Ride quite a few times (when I won, I won big... but when I lost, well, let's not talk about it) and then the family went out to eat tonight. Mandie also decided she wanted a peach pie and we happened to have one more filling in the freezer so she was up until after midnight making a pie! Silly girl! That list does sound like I did stuff but mostly I wrote. It's been a long time since I dedicated myself to this many words! Hallelujah! The muse is speaking to me again!
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I am now the proud owner of this print of Pixie, my favorite of all the X-Men. She needs a frame but I'm procrastinating. The artist was at DCC and I actually went looking for her a second time so I could get this print. May have to see about adding the one of Captain Marvel to my collection, as well!

So, I've been investigating the Carol Corps and even purchased the first Captain Marvel comic. If it makes me love Carol as much as I love Clint and Kate thanks to the Hawkeye comic, I may have found my new muse!

Right now, I'm working on several stories in the same "universe" that will eventually resolve into a collection. Not chapters so much as interconnected stories. Every time I say that, I end up losing my resolve after a couple or getting sidetracked. The good news about this particular universe is that the Big Damn Table for [ profile] writerverse this phase has to either be used for one huge story or 20 smaller stories... all of them set in this universe. I know that some people have discussed the idea of one fandom being a universe but I'm going to stick with this storyline and these particular characters.

But other characters keep pressing to be added. Clint and Darcy may prove to be the only "movie" characters and then I'm stuck in the nebulous world of "it's not movie and it's not comics so what is it" that is going to get me into trouble. Well, not trouble. It can be considered an AU, I suppose. But ignored, for sure. Pity that all my "oooh, write in this shadow" stories get ignored. Sometimes I wish that I could write mainstream like everyone else.
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It's a lovely Saturday morning and I'm out on the deck with my laptop, hoping to absorb at least a little Vitamin D after my more nerdy exploits of last weekend. So far, I can hear two lawnmowers.

Instead of writing, of course, I'm making sig banners for the new session of [ profile] writerverse that just started. I thought I'd make a new post since I've misplaced the previous one I had.

TV_universe 2013:
 photo vmdishghanimasun.png

 photo ac7e3c2b-d07d-4922-b025-2c1aea8aa48c.jpg

 photo 0a295e81-e89c-4791-a7ff-e94edf384adb.jpg

 photo 53658163-730e-4f31-bdf7-b0393c4dc360.jpg

The newest for Summer 2013:
 photo 98f004bb-c557-4ae4-b96d-e6ddbbb102c4.jpg

 photo 4256fa82-2d36-4e16-9062-32e599961384.jpg

From the way back machine )
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I'm going through my notes from last weekend and purchasing (or wishlisting) the books I heard about on panels. All this effort has me thinking: I wish that I had "two" Kindles. One for books that have gotten good reviews from people I admire and respect for their reading opinion... and one for books that I get for free or from the lists I belong to that have dubious reviews. I'm so tired of wading through free books. It's making me rethink ever giving away my books for free. I think people wouldn't mind paying a couple of dollars for a well-written book. I'm so tired of free crap.
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I played a bit of Halo back in the day. It was my first experience with a "real" video game that wasn't Pong and Ms. Pac-Man. A bunch of guys that I knew all lived together and they'd hooked up a bunch of computers into a network (first time I'd ever seen one of those outside of a work envirmonment) and they let me play when I was over sometimes. I admit very freely now, there were times I went over with the hope of getting to play, although I'm pretty sure that everyone thought I must like one of the guys.

I tell you that to tell you that I finished watching the movie Halo 4: Forward Into Dawn and I have SO MANY FEELS! First off, Queen Susan is a cadet! LASKY!

Now I've moved on to XIII. Tonight is a night for dark ops feels. Yes, indeed.

Guess I should be writing combat scenes instead of happy, getting to know you fics.
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My rec of the morning:

As the River Loves the Sea And the Ocean And That One Big Lake by [ profile] somehowunbroken - Written for badsexfic 2013: Anthropomorphic Fic/Reader. The fic isn't very good, in fact, it's full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, as well as containing some very poorly chosen metaphors. it tries to get the reader to like it by showing off how ~creative~ it can be.

(actual fic can contain smut as a way of getting the reader to like it, though the smut turns out to be as corny as the fic)

If you need something to smile about this morning, you need to read this fic. And then you need to read the comments where she explains the "plot" for the rest of the story.
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Dashiell Hammett is buried in Arlington Cemetery with, essentially, no fanfare or flash. The author of The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man (among so many others) has a single white stone as the monument of where he was laid to his final rest.

(Section 12, Site 508)

I'm going to need to visit the next time I go. It'll give me a good reason to go again!


Jun. 3rd, 2013 11:29 pm
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Do you remember that I said awhile back that I wanted a real life person to use as Kate Bishop when I write her/visualize her in a medium other than comics? I have found her.

Caroline Dhavernas

Yes, she's not 19 but there are some older pictures that have her looking a little more youthful than others. Yes, she's in Hannibal but I don't watch Hannibal. From her IMDB list, I don't believe I've ever seen her on my TV or movie screen. While others will look at her and have preconceived notions, I won't!

At Clint's apartment (although those red lamps are a bit horrid)
A bit dressed up
Sometimes you have to prove to those around you that you aren't a little girl anymore and that you can handle being a superhero, the same as them
Yeah, I can hit that even in this breeze
(I don't even have anything to say to this one because this is her with Ryan Phillpe and that is more than enough for any one picture to handle)

And now I'll get back to that fic...
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Title: If It Turns Out This Is A Hoax...
Fandoms: Arrow (TV)/Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Felicity Smoak (with some nice Diggle interaction at the end), Todd
Word Count: 2635
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Felicity is supposed to meet Dig for drinks. Instead, she meets Todd and saves herself from becoming a Wraith snack by using her wits and her words.

Here at AO3

I know that these two fandoms don't intersect in very many places but I tried to write Todd in such a way that you don't necessarily need to know the SGA fandom well to understand the story. It dawns on me that I perhaps didn't go the other way. Oh well!


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