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Title: On the Mat
Fandom: Arrow (TV)
Characters: Felicity, Diggle, Oliver (sort of a pre-F/D or, possibly, pre-F/D/O)
Prompt: Well damn, this is going to be interesting from [ profile] meridian_rose
[ profile] tv_universe Prompt: Dare to be Stupid
Word Count (not counting the prompt) 412
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This idea originally came to me from a manip that someone did on Tumblr a thousand years ago. Okay, not that long ago but long enough that I can't possibly find it. It may be responsible for my original Felicity/Diggle love, actually.
Summary: He wants her to know how to protect herself. It's one thing to let Oliver loose out into the world alone but another altogether to let Felicity out from behind the security of the computer monitors. Yes, Diggle worries.

Felicity had always thought she understood what it meant to be fearless. )
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Title: Unexplained
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Samantha, Teyla, Amelia
[ profile] tv_universe Prompt: a picture of multiple planets
Women of SGA comment-a-thon prompt: Sam Carter + Teyla + any women, all the men are incapacitated somehow, and the women run the city perfectly without any male interruption. from [ profile] clwilson2006
Word Count: 223

Amelia, I need an update. )
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As with any Land Comm, there is a Big Bang challenge at [ profile] tv_universe and it's the kind where you write a bunch of words (together in one big story or in a bunch of tiny little things). They have some prompts but I was thinking I wanted more. Then I thought I would ask for some help from my friends.

I'm going to make this super easy! You don't have to come up with a fandom or even a character.

Leave a line of conversation here at this post. It can be anything. It just needs to be something that someone would say (out loud or as an inner thought).

By leaving something here, you're also giving me permission to use the line in a story. I won't count it as part of the ending word count but it will be part of the story.

As a bonus, if you'd like to leave a prompt for a TV show that you and I share in common, feel free. You don't need to, though. This is purely a bonus.
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The Fosters: the kitchen table
 photo 80736072-6b56-42d8-9737-f8dc310f14e0.jpg

 photo fb6b3f17-0bdd-4989-98b3-663e9d8b5957.jpg  photo 9a4d8abf-ecff-4953-b08e-09f3abfdc489.jpg  photo 33414652-7e40-4fad-80ea-17ad1b864db3.jpg

It’s the sort of kitchen table that’s never cleaned off. There’s always plates full of food or piles of books and papers. Sometimes there’s bags of groceries or piles of gift-wrapped packages. Depending on the season, it’s covered with a brilliant display of gloves and scarves or garden implements threatening to fall to the floor.

When the family is crowded around, chairs pushed in or pulled all the way out, it feels like a large space. It feels like it could hold a handful more without collapsing in on itself. Before it stops being a table and becomes a pile of timber.

While it looks like nails and glue hold it together, that’s just on the surface. What really holds it together are the emotions that swirl around it. Without the agony and the ecstasy, the boredom and joy, it would be just a table. Just a piece of furniture. The family, though, makes it a centerpiece and a treasure.
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It's a lovely Saturday morning and I'm out on the deck with my laptop, hoping to absorb at least a little Vitamin D after my more nerdy exploits of last weekend. So far, I can hear two lawnmowers.

Instead of writing, of course, I'm making sig banners for the new session of [ profile] writerverse that just started. I thought I'd make a new post since I've misplaced the previous one I had.

TV_universe 2013:
 photo vmdishghanimasun.png

 photo ac7e3c2b-d07d-4922-b025-2c1aea8aa48c.jpg

 photo 0a295e81-e89c-4791-a7ff-e94edf384adb.jpg

 photo 53658163-730e-4f31-bdf7-b0393c4dc360.jpg

The newest for Summer 2013:
 photo 98f004bb-c557-4ae4-b96d-e6ddbbb102c4.jpg

 photo 4256fa82-2d36-4e16-9062-32e599961384.jpg

From the way back machine )


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