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Did a double prompt in only 11 sentences!

Title: Traced in Fire
Original/Fandom: Original - Streetlight People
Characters: Magda, Kilce
Prompt: Wish Upon a Star and Fire at [ profile] writerverse
Word Count: 230
Rating: PG
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): none
Summary: In the early days, before the war started in earnest, Magda had bits of time to think of other things other than the constant fighting.

Magda let her head fall back so that the full sky was spread out above her, speckled with brilliant white stars. All her life, her mother had told her stories about the stars, about the characters who gallivanted through the heavens while searching for adventure. They were wonderful stories but she always knew it was just that - stories of things that weren’t true.

Too much of her life was truth now. They were on the verge of war, if they weren’t already in the midst of it without truly knowing how bad things were, and Magda found herself, one of the only surviving bodyguards of the denounced Queen, in the very midst of reality. A little bit of dreaming would go a long way toward helping her keep a firmer grip on her fraying emotions.

“Are you coming inside?” Kilce called, the younger girl’s voice straining to reach through the night air without disturbing anyone inside the tented structures. “They’re discussing strategy for when we reach the pinnacle.”

“May we live to see the top of the mountain.” Magda’s murmuring didn’t carry through the night air but that didn’t mean that the stars, those ancient warriors forever traced in fire, couldn’t hear her. It would be a good idea to get as much help as possible from as many places, just in case their own natural luck ran out.

Date: 2013-04-06 09:32 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I liked this little bit of story here. It made me curious about the world you have created; I wanted to know things like why the Queen was denounced and what, exactly, started the war that they're on the verge of having. In this world, did people really go up into space?

I hope Magda makes it to the top of the mountain, too.


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