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Title: Caller ID
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Eli "Weevil" Navarro
Prompt: he came when she called

...because what else does he have to do these days... )
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I've been writing my [ profile] casestory story longhand in my notebook. Cathartic? Maybe.

My brain has been eaten by Don't Starve. Have you played this game? There's a demo that you can try out... of course, you might find that you can't do anything else if you start playing. I'm just hoping that I can someday get past Day 20 without being eaten by Hounds. *sigh*

Watching Veronica Mars season 1 and continually amazed by how many of the random NPCs each week were played by people who I now notice a lot more than I did when I first watched the show. I'm remembering all these little things that I've missed... like Mac being switched at birth! How did I not remember that?

And here you thought I'd forgot about writing something everyday in April. *sigh* No, I remember. It hangs over my head on the days when I don't write.

Title: The Story of Before
Fandom: SGA/SPN crossover
Characters: John Sheppard/Dean Winchester
Prompt: from [ profile] wings128 Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same All At Once - Snow Patrol.'s always the person that walks away before we're satisfied that we remember the most... )
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Did a double prompt in only 11 sentences!

Title: Traced in Fire
Original/Fandom: Original - Streetlight People
Characters: Magda, Kilce
Prompt: Wish Upon a Star and Fire at [ profile] writerverse
Word Count: 230
Rating: PG
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): none
Summary: In the early days, before the war started in earnest, Magda had bits of time to think of other things other than the constant fighting.

...they're memories, traced in fire... )
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There was/is an impromptu three-sentence fic event going on at [ profile] be_compromised and that's what I wrote yesterday. It didn't dawn on me that I hadn't posted it here until I was already in bed and it was too late to even think about getting up and posting.

Unless otherwise posted, all characters are Clint and Natasha (often as Clint/Natasha).

Title: Strapped
Prompt: weapons and their meaning to them
Story: There was always a knife strapped to his leg but she knew that it wasn't standard issue. After watching him draw and throw it, she knew it had different origins and felt compelled to ask him about it.

The tips of his ears grew red as he replied, "I've never told you what I did when I was a kid, have I?"

Title: Never a Good Idea to Stare
Prompt: Don't taunt the dinosaurs.
Story: She figured hanging from her ankle in the tallest tree in the area (or so it seemed from this abnormal vantage point) was what she deserved for going against order. When Clint finally got around to getting her down, she struggled valiantly not to hang her head at his pointed look.

"Your typical brontosaurus doesn't like to be stared at," was all he said.

Title: Next in the Lecture Series
Prompt: March Madness
Story: Clint tried to suppress his grin as Natasha settled next to Tony on the couch and said (in her best I'm ever so interested voice), "So explain this madness to me again."

For the sixth time, Tony began his History of Basketball in the Civilized World speech as she watched with what looked like interest. This was going to be fun to watch when the games started.

Title: Tea Party
Prompt: imaginary friend
Story: "You can't sit there," the diminutive Natasha informed Clint as he joined her at the kitchen table. Thirty-six hours in and she was still a six-year old but Bruce swore that he was close to a solution to Dr. Doom's little trick.

As he changed seats, she informed him, "That's where Coulson is sitting."

Title: Injury (warning: character injury)
Prompt: open your eyes
Story: "Tasha, I'm gonna need you to open your eyes for me because we need to get out of here but I can't even begin to think about it until I know you're conscious and I'm doubtful about it at the moment."

The rambling panic in Clint's voice was every bit as comforting as his death grip on her shoulders. As much as she knew she should do as he requested and open her eyes, she wanted to stay in this between existence where all that mattered was that he was nearby.

Title Pre-History
Prompt: a short history of nearly everything
Story: "They're assassins. What more do you need to know?"

Later, Maria wished she'd pushed a little harder for a more in-depth history on Clint and Natasha as she found herself often in the dark about what they were capable of and what she should be expecting of them.

Title: A Time for Us
Prompt: Budapest (it had to be done)
Story: Natasha catalogues their adventures together by the scars on Clint's body. She traces over a ridge of skin, silvered with time, and waits for him to shiver in remembrance.

"Budapest," he growls in return as she starts to melt.
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Title: Breaking Point
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Veronica, the evil Physic professor
Prompt: from [ profile] hufflepuffsneak - Veronica Mars. She can forgive for crimes committed against herself, but not for those committed against her friends.

...some people might call this extreme but she calls it hedging all her bets... )
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Title: Visitation
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Steve/Darcy
Prompt: from [ profile] allisnow - Steve, smile for the cameras

Do you have to do that? )
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Title: From the Corner of His Eye
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Character: Hook
Prompt: from [ profile] mahmfic: So in the end/I'll be what I will be/No loyal friend/Was ever there for me - Gollum's Song by Emilana Torrini

...we are lost, we can never go home... )
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Title: Over Coffee
Fandom: Avengers/MCU
Characters: Natasha, Bobbi
Prompt: a long time ago, [ profile] ashen_key asked for MCU!Bobbi Morse and Natasha being AWESOME together, with no jealousy at all. And of course I broke my own rule and this is a few more than ten sentences.

...friends are made over time... )
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Every Day in April, I'm going to write fic. I'm going to complete fic. Every day.

Granted, this fic is going to be short. Let's say... a maximum of around ten sentences and a minimum of three sentences. I'm going to use a prompt that is given to me to create a shortish story. Every day.

Once a week, if I remember, I'm going to ask for prompts. I'll put up a list of fandoms but that doesn't mean that you can't offer something else. Sometimes I need something different to try. Feel free to give me that something different. I'm all for random pairings and write any and all types of pairings (het, slash, femslash).

And because I'm crap at waiting, feel free to drop prompts at this post for this week. We'll call this week Every Day Before April.

Put the prompts into a form something like FANDOM, CHARACTER or PAIRING, PROMPT (song lyrics, random words/ideas, tiny bit of plot).

Thank you so much!


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