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Lar is short for Larinzia.
She made that name up, you know.
If you see that name online and it isn't the original Lar,
you're talking to an impostor so you should run and hide.
It is pronounced luh-RIN-zee-ah but Lar rhymes with Jar.

Lar should make you laugh.
If she doesn't, she's not doing her job.
Her goal in life is to stay away from drama and conflict but since that isn't possible,
she resolves to at least make you smile while you're in the midst of it.

While Lar follows certain fandoms and 'ships,
you should know that she will never look down on you for your choices of fandoms and 'ships.
Variety is the spice of life and if we aren't all free to pick who or what we like,
we might as well all be potatoes (because potatoes can't choose who or what they get to enjoy).

{ Hogwarts }

{ Ravenclaw Quidditch Team }

And you may follow her on Twitter or Facebook
- both showcase the many facets of Lar's personality.

If you haven't guessed by now, she's kind of weird.
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My layout is by midenianscholar over at scholarslayouts
The Ronon/Teyla header by mfirefly10
Captain America header by daxcat79
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