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Does anyone know of any long-term volunteer opportunities that come with room and board? I'm looking for anywhere in the world, at this point.
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The newest update on the Hawkeye afghan!

 photo 5470d4bd-4f47-4f76-bcd9-d798ddb470fd.jpg

I apologize for the fuzziness of the picture but we spent alllllll day outside in the heat and I don't know if I could hold up my arms long enough to take the picture and NOT have them shake.

The large squares still need a few more rows on them but I wanted to see how they looked like this before I did those. I think I'm going to have to work them in but will still wait until I finish a medium square. Not sure how I like the small bullseye and may just do them as a ball of color. Not sure yet.

And guys. GUYS. You will not believe what was on my Facebook after I posted the pictures there.

My sister posted:

You ruined your birthday gift! I just started a Captain America blanket for you... I guess I'll just donate it now for some lucky kid


 photo 8a01e0ec-f85d-454a-a9bc-7031f1851484.jpg

My response was:

No! You wouldn't dare! This blanket is part of our geekery items and will be sold (probably to someone on my blog) after I show it to Mr. Matt Fraction! I get the Cap blanket. *grabby hands*
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Title: Rip Apart the World
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Clint/Natasha, Bruce, Darcy
Word Count: 4119
Rating: Teen and Up
Author's Note: This little bit of hurt/comfort is something I started in February for the promptathon. For [ profile] anuna_81’s prompt: She would rip the world apart for him. And for [ profile] inkvoices, who mentioned Florence in her comments. The first part, especially, owes a lot to Ceremonials. But then it got stuck in EDIT land (thanks to all the work that my beta, [ profile] hufflepuffsneak, put into kicking this into shape!) where I was too lazy to get it out. Along comes another promptathon and I realize that I need to quit being lazy and get this thing out there! So this is also for [ profile] sgteam14283’s prompt: Okay? Okay. (from The Fault in Our Stars by the wonderful John Green).

Summary: There are some things that are meant to stay private and unmentioned. There are other things that come out in a tense situation and change everything. Thankfully, Clint's there to help pick up pieces that this current op chips off Natasha, regardless of what comes out of her mouth.

Here at AO3
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Because of this story by [ profile] frea_o and a comment I made there and a comment she made back, I've started working on a variation of this afghan:

but in these colors:
 photo d22e947e-71b6-46f0-98be-73b3f78d9909.jpg

And this is what a large square looks like and what a medium square looks like before the square sets in:

 photo 94a9cf93-6706-4e9f-8c4a-d43c2bf380cf.jpg

Does it remind you of this picture:

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I've just recently gotten into the Kindle serials. Two have excited me so far! Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic: The Thirteenth Rib by David J. Schwartz may be complete. I can't tell from here. Give it at least through the first part because it isn't what you think it is! I'm really enjoying it. The other serial is Indexing by Seanan McGuire. I cannot gush about this book enough! If you like fairy tales, this book may be for you! It's on the fifth section and getting better and better. Also, follow Seanan on Tumblr because she is funny and insightful and definitely entertaining!
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Pre-ordered Hawkeye #2 because I really need the full story RIGHT NOW (or, you know, August 1-5) instead of reading reviews. I think I'm going to start getting the individual issues electronically because the guessing is killing me!
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I could say that I've been a writing fool this weekend. Possibly even a crocheting fool. Instead, I think I was just a fool! One does not do so much and expect to not feel a little tired and cranky that it's Sunday evening and there is no more weekend left. I don't feel like I accomplished anything! But I did. I know I did.

In fact, I wrote two new stories, reworked another to be able to post and completed much needed edits on a story that I wrote for the February prompt-a-thon at [ profile] be_compromised and can now put in the Summer Prompt-a-thon. Then I finished one afghan and started four more! FOUR!

On Friday, I went to the Relay for Life and walked the Survivor's lap but then helped my "team" (the one I get to still be a part of because I work there even though I wasn't officially a part of the walk) sell street tacos and yelled at the people as they walked by.

Saturday, I went with my parents to the Arts in the Park in a nearby town and spent money on frivolous things simply because I liked the people selling them. Today, I went with my mom to one of her friend's house so they could work on a quilt. I, of course, crocheted. Hence the four started afghans. Talk about Yarn Tribbles!

And now I can't figure out what to watch. I've been watching a lot of Eureka and enjoying it but I switched to Netflix movies for the night. I don't think that was a wise as I keep picking quirky comedies that are strangely maudlin! I hate that! I want comedy! I want to laugh! Quit making it weird!
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Title: Just Keep Running
Prompt: Time & Betrayal at [ profile] writerverse
Word Count: 442
Rating: PG
Original/Fandom: Fandom - Fraction!verse
Pairings (if any): Clint/Kate
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): some mild language
Summary: Kate explodes at Clint. There must be something at the heart of this emotion but she's not ready to face it yet.

Kate glanced at her watch. )
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Title: Somewhere, There Are Birds Singing
Fandom: Fraction's Hawkeye comic 'verse (but with a touch of movie!verse for sweetness)
Characters: primarily Clint and Kate but there's a visit from Tony and Steve
[ profile] writerverse Table of DOOM Prompt: 05. sweets
Prompt: I have two! roadtrip from [ profile] redbrunja at the Avengers Rare Pair but it turned into a buddy-fic instead of a couple (although it can be assumed that they are well on their way to a relationship but it really is gen) & this stunning bit of conversation from [ profile] sweetwatersong:
"You know, when this day started off, I didn't think I'd end up breaking the law and nearly running the sheriff off of the road."
"He deserved it."
"He's sixty-five!"

Word Count: (minus prompt words) 1424
Summary: Clint and Kate go for a road trip. Things happen. Oh, yes, they do.

Somewhere, there are birds singing. )
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Title: On the Mat
Fandom: Arrow (TV)
Characters: Felicity, Diggle, Oliver (sort of a pre-F/D or, possibly, pre-F/D/O)
Prompt: Well damn, this is going to be interesting from [ profile] meridian_rose
[ profile] tv_universe Prompt: Dare to be Stupid
Word Count (not counting the prompt) 412
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: This idea originally came to me from a manip that someone did on Tumblr a thousand years ago. Okay, not that long ago but long enough that I can't possibly find it. It may be responsible for my original Felicity/Diggle love, actually.
Summary: He wants her to know how to protect herself. It's one thing to let Oliver loose out into the world alone but another altogether to let Felicity out from behind the security of the computer monitors. Yes, Diggle worries.

Felicity had always thought she understood what it meant to be fearless. )
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Okay, friends... tell me about Clint Barton/Jessica Drew. All I know is that it's ending. A lot of people ship Jessica with Carol. I know about Carol thanks to the new comics (that are great! you need to get them if you haven't already) and I know about Clint. I don't know about Jessica. What do I need to know? Where should I go looking for more info (other than the usual wikis because I'm not finding a lot there that humanizes her enough that I can get on board with the character)? What comic books should I be investigating?

Right now I'm a huge Carol/Tracy shipper but I can be swayed.

For the most part, I've been ignoring Jessica and pretending that she doesn't exist. I'm a third-grader like that! Help me have some sort of feeling for her!


Jul. 13th, 2013 12:23 am
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Friends, does anyone know of a Kate Bishop community?
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First, have you seen the RESULTS FOR THE 2013 SATURN AWARDS?????? Check it out! I think a good majority of my FL will find the list interesting!

I want to sign up for the 2013 [ profile] polybigbang. The rough draft is due in October... I think. So I could finish the two big bangs I have in the works.

I already have one "no" from [ profile] enigma731 and I know Aster will narrow her eyes at me. Anyone else want to talk me out of it?

There's the Clint/Natasha/Bruce story that I've been aching to write for awhile. I'd love to try some version of Clint/Bobbi/Kate that came up when I was writing my random Kate stories. Um, what are my other ideas? My DCBigBang is Oliver/Felicity but there are also some Oliver/Felicity/Diggle feelings tugging at my heart. It would be an interesting time to try a crossover or some other AU. I started reading a John/Cam/Ronon story the other night that had me thinking of ideas.

It would be the third bang of the year and the year that I wrote that many, I had to take a lot more time away from the words. No one ever said I had to do these stories as a bang but I do appreciate the deadlines. I could use the ideas for my big story prompt table.

There are also stories to be written (and then read) for the [ profile] be_compromised 2013 Promptathon that started prompting this week. I've flagged a bunch of them. Okay, it's like half. Since DCBang is at 4200 (I made my word count yesterday!), I feel better about writing a few stories this week. And then there's finishing up the TV_universe big bang type thing. I only HAVE to get to 50 points and I made some sig tags to pad out the stories that I get done or don't get done in time. There's other stuff, of course, but I can't remember it. Oh well! You win some... you go home early for the rest.
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Title: Unexplained
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Samantha, Teyla, Amelia
[ profile] tv_universe Prompt: a picture of multiple planets
Women of SGA comment-a-thon prompt: Sam Carter + Teyla + any women, all the men are incapacitated somehow, and the women run the city perfectly without any male interruption. from [ profile] clwilson2006
Word Count: 223

Amelia, I need an update. )
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I'm at 2871 on the Arrow Big Bang story and my goal (MY GOAL! do you hear that plot bunnies?) is to be at 4000 by bed time. That means I need to get over to get my hair cut and NOT hang around just casually talking about nothing. That means I better not open Tumblr again in the hopes of being in and out quickly. Or, if I can't get out quick, I better find something that I can count as "research for a story" or it's going to count as a time waster! That means I need to be quick about picking up my "nesting pile" from the living room before my family comes home.

That last 2000 words is from the last two days. While the early credit is all for [ profile] frea_o, this last part is all in thanks to the book I'm reading. Shiver by Karen Robards isn't anything like my story but it's given me some good ideas for what I'm creating so HOORAY!

Perhaps I should cut down on the caffeine a bit, too.
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As with any Land Comm, there is a Big Bang challenge at [ profile] tv_universe and it's the kind where you write a bunch of words (together in one big story or in a bunch of tiny little things). They have some prompts but I was thinking I wanted more. Then I thought I would ask for some help from my friends.

I'm going to make this super easy! You don't have to come up with a fandom or even a character.

Leave a line of conversation here at this post. It can be anything. It just needs to be something that someone would say (out loud or as an inner thought).

By leaving something here, you're also giving me permission to use the line in a story. I won't count it as part of the ending word count but it will be part of the story.

As a bonus, if you'd like to leave a prompt for a TV show that you and I share in common, feel free. You don't need to, though. This is purely a bonus.
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I took Rory to the vet today and I think she's not speaking to me any longer! This morning she was staying completely off the leg but it wasn't more swollen. Since I had to work and her appointment wasn't until afternoon and my house is nearly 45 minutes away from the vet, they let her stay there for the day. When I got there, she was walking on the foot again! Turns out, it was an abscess and it had started draining while she was there so all they had to do was clean it out (that did not make her happy!) and give her an injection of antibiotics. I didn't care about the shot costing more than the liquid because I didn't think she was going to let me give her the meds for 7-10 days!

She must be feeling better (or she's still angry) because she's not hanging out near me like she has been the last few days. I spoke too soon. Guess she's not that angry because she wants some attention. She's still stress shedding. Lovely.
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I found a super easy stitch the other day and currently have THREE afghans worked in the stitch.

 photo 84fbb1bb-4dd2-4cf8-b727-06f963e1c248.jpg

It's called the Sideways Shell stitch and is ranked as a super easy which I agree with. Beth says this picture doesn't do the blanket justice but that's all I have at the moment! Too lazy (and tired) to take a new one. I have this one, an orange/brown/ivory combo and a blue/gray combo.

I have to figure out how to get my cat to the vet tomorrow. Fun times working on a Saturday! I think they'll let me drop her off to spend the day there before I come pick her up in the afternoon. Her back paw is twice the size that it should be and I'm thinking she has some sort of abrasion or got poked with something. I wish I knew! We thought maybe she'd gotten in a fight and sprained it or something but it keeps swelling.

I really want some chips.
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It's been overly hot in Idaho this week. Thankfully, we had some rain to help keep the temps down a little. But the rain brought thunder and lightning with it. The thunder was a nice distraction but the lightning was a bitch. Dad was out on two fire calls today. Well, he was out on one for most of the day and got home in time to turn around and go back out. I'm off today and thought that maybe I would stay up until he got home but no joy on that front. It's time for bed, no matter if I have to work tomorrow or not! So I guess that means the fire season has started.

RL people keep asking me if I've gone to Facebook/internet for info on the firefighters that lost their life in Arizona. I've actually been deliberating keeping away from that news. As much as my heart goes out to the families those Hot Shots left behind, I just can't. Not right now.

I started watching Eureka tonight and I really, really liked it! Got 7 episodes under my belt and will be back for more!

I also spent $30 on yarn today! Oops!
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The blue/cream afghan is DONE! Hooray! It's been at the expense of a lot of words that I might have written today but I'm still 4 blankets behind Beth!

 photo 546a64af-6444-4ba0-9cf7-23cd119015b7.jpg

Considering that the tempurature is in the 90s today (and we don't have any sort of central air), crocheting is kind of a stupid project! I've also been setting up Yarn Tribbles on social media this last week. That's been fun but sort of exhausting. It's been awhile since I was new on some of these sites! We're still in discussion over whether to get a website (my brother-in-law can set one up for us and it's a pretty good deal considering what we'd get) or stick to somewhere free like blogspot or here on LJ.


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