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I could say that I've been a writing fool this weekend. Possibly even a crocheting fool. Instead, I think I was just a fool! One does not do so much and expect to not feel a little tired and cranky that it's Sunday evening and there is no more weekend left. I don't feel like I accomplished anything! But I did. I know I did.

In fact, I wrote two new stories, reworked another to be able to post and completed much needed edits on a story that I wrote for the February prompt-a-thon at [ profile] be_compromised and can now put in the Summer Prompt-a-thon. Then I finished one afghan and started four more! FOUR!

On Friday, I went to the Relay for Life and walked the Survivor's lap but then helped my "team" (the one I get to still be a part of because I work there even though I wasn't officially a part of the walk) sell street tacos and yelled at the people as they walked by.

Saturday, I went with my parents to the Arts in the Park in a nearby town and spent money on frivolous things simply because I liked the people selling them. Today, I went with my mom to one of her friend's house so they could work on a quilt. I, of course, crocheted. Hence the four started afghans. Talk about Yarn Tribbles!

And now I can't figure out what to watch. I've been watching a lot of Eureka and enjoying it but I switched to Netflix movies for the night. I don't think that was a wise as I keep picking quirky comedies that are strangely maudlin! I hate that! I want comedy! I want to laugh! Quit making it weird!
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