May. 13th, 2013

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Tonight, I made Pioneer Woman's Taco Pizza! The only bad thing about this (because it was GOOD!) was that we're having an unseasonably warm spell so the last thing I needed to do was spend the evening in a warm kitchen! Seriously, it was REALLY close to 90 C and it's still the first part of May. We should still be in long-sleeves! Instead, I'm trying to figure out if I should open a window (my windows are really hard to open/get to) tonight.

But try the pizza. It was good.

Saw the Agents of SHIELD spot on YouTube. Is it time for Fall TV yet????? LOLA! She and Maggie can be friends!

I was looking through some Iron Man 3 icons and realized that there needs to be ...spoilers... ). Just an idea.

I got to spend the weekend with three boys that I'd never met before. They belong to my sister's college roommate. She and her husband were in town for a visit so I got to spend the last two days with some interesting little humans. The middle one is six and smart as a whippet. We taught him how to play Qwerkle and he got it, right off the bat. Since we can't say that about even the adults we teach it to so it was so much fun to have him just get it. We also played different games on the the computer and he told me all about the computer game he created. It is just a piece of paper with instructions and the cover of the game but he's talked his mom into contacting Nintendo. She's a little worried that he assumes that he'll get back a game he can play but I think this can only end well. Since he's the sort of kid that gets hold of an idea and won't let it go, he'll either decide to learn how to code his own game or he'll just leave it to the side and consider it a memory. If he goes with the first, I'll let you know all about it!


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