May. 19th, 2013

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I've completed my first of three stories for [community profile] queer_fest! Hooray!

Title: Initiation Into This Life (or: 5 times Clint told the truth and one time she didn't)
Fandom: Marvel movie!verse
Pairing/Characters: main: Clint Barton (female), Natasha Romanoff - secondary: Nick Fury, Phil Coulson
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 5202
Prompt: Everyone else thinks Clint is a guy. Clint doesn’t really bother correcting them. for [community profile] queer_fest
Warnings: hints at Clint’s less-than-happy beginnings

Author's Note: I saw this prompt and wanted to write it. I started writing and found myself in a darkness, wondering that I'd ever considered it. I asked [profile] hufflepuffsneak what she thought of the story so far and she liked it. Without the quiet encouragement, I would never have finished this.

Summary: Clint Barton has the Black Widow in the cross-hairs of her bow but stays her impulse as she realizes that this woman has seen things, in this first meeting, that not even the people who know her best have ever realized. I was told you were one thing, yet I see you are completely another.

Here at AO3

Part of this story was inspired by this art by Lettie (from Tumblr)
 photo lettiesequel3.jpg
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I did a "This is what I have to do" email for Aster but never really made a list for myself. It's been muddling around in my head, getting me all shivery when I can't remember what I need to be working on (because the answer is always SOMETHING, after all).

This week:
-Finish up TBBT (Missy finally gets some say in her life) story
-Start (START!) the Sherlock (BBC) (Harry has a long talk with her brother) story

-Map out Where Were They story for MarvelBang
-Consider mapping out Felicity and Diggle are awesome moments for DCBang
...rewatch finale to see if there's anything I can mine toward this end
-Start writing [community profile] intoabar story (Felicity from Arrow & Todd from SGA)

Oops! I know there is something else there but now I can't remember what it is!


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