Feb. 17th, 2013

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I feel as if I haven't done anything this weekend. That's not true, though.

First off, I won a TON of games while playing my mother and sister at Ticket to Ride. I think I won around 15 out of 20! Nice! This is important because I went about two months without winning ANYTHING. Could it be because Tif is in Brasil and isn't here to mock me? Maybe. But it's SOOOO much fun to watch Mandie lose because she's NOT GOOD AT IT.

I'm working on coloring my hair for the second time today. The first time didn't work and I think it's because I was using sulfate-free conditioner. Now I'm trying using shampoo and darker color instead. We'll see what happens...

I read a book. A whole book. In two days. I've been reading A LOT lately. Good... and bad. But fun, if nothing else.

I had real Thai food made by a real Thai lady who taught me a unique recipe that you can't find when you walk into a Thai restaurant and get. I'll have to wait to make it myself until I can get to an Asian market but I don't think I'm going to forget the recipe. It's three items. You can't go wrong with that! Also at the dinner, Mam was selling some bags from Thailand. I love bags. It's a weakness of mine. How else am I going to carry around all my books? I only bought one. That's good... right?

What else? I told you about winning the games, right? Oh, right. I did.

There was also the Grand Prix that we did at our church with wooden cars that the kids made. Well, their dads or grandfathers, really. Mandie made a car but I never did. Number 88, baby!

I'm watching/listening to the Streamies. The Flog didn't win. My face is sad! I'm enjoying the Coke commercials, though!
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Remember last week? When my hair was blue? Want to see what color it is this week? )

I'm going to edit this to remind you that you can still donate HERE to an organization that spends most all of the money they received on Childhood Cancer Research. All the different events are put on by VOLUNTEERS! You aren't paying for a CEO to sit in a penthouse and count his money.

And the reason that I'm coloring my hair is that I'm going to SHAVE IT ALL THE WAY OFF at a St. Baldrick's event in March. Yes, you read that right. It's all coming off. I do this instead of walking around a track (been there, done that and I'll probably do it again just because we are in the process of losing one of our teammates to cancer as I write this and we want to honor her) or baking cookies or any of the other different ways of raising money. I shave my hair... you donate. It's pretty easy!


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